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Embracing Diversity: Non-monogamy, LGBTQIA+, Polyamory, and Kink-Aware Therapy

I just need someone to talk to who won’t judge my lifestyle.

We’re in a neurodiverse relationship and we would like to learn how to navigate conflict better.

We are changing the style of our relationship and we would like to have some support in the process.

The Unison Philosophy

You will feel personally cared for every step along the way.

 Relationship Counselling

We understand that relationships can be unique and rarely fit the norm that we see in popular culture – this is why we’re committed to providing poly-friendly  therapy facilitated by therapists who are aware and affirm any and all consenting relationship styles. On a typical day we will support individuals and relationships who identify as polyamorous, open, ethically non-monogamous, chosen family, platonic, and the entire rainbow spectrum of the LGBTQIA+ communities including the sex work and kink communities.

Individual Counselling

Our Counsellors are dedicated towards building a healthy and trusting therapeutic relationship where you have the space to understand yourself in a deeper way and made decisions that reflect what’s right for you. We are happy to offer both In-person and online appointments depending on where you are and what your schedule looks like. 

We accept in-person and online appointments

Just send us an enquiry form letting us know what you prefer

All our sessions are available in-person, online, or over the phone – with the majority of our sessions taking place via Zoom App. 

If you are new to Zoom, we’ll send you an email ahead of your appointment with instructions on how to join the meeting

Whether you are connecting with us from work, on your vacation, or from the comfort of your own home – Unison is ready to meet you where you are:

Enlighten Mental Health

For integration or general mental health support please visit Enlighten Mental Health - Part of Unison

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