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Therapy for diverse people and relationships

Non-judgemental sujpport from therapists who get it

Unison Talks

Join us for a free information event hosted online. Meg will go in-depth on non-traditional relationships and expand on how to create a culture of inclusivity for all relationship-styles.


Compassionate equality
Unison Counselling was created for anyone with concern about being judged by their therapist based on sexuality, identity, gender, or relationship style. We are dedicated to providing informed support from well-trained practitioners with relevant lived experiences. This is also made possible through ongoing training, continuous involvement in relevant communities, and advocacy where possible. 

To learn more about our therapeutic services please choose of the two categories below. 

Support for Individuals

Meet your therapist via zoom or telephone for each 50 minute session. Sliding scale fees are available based on your income.

Support for two or more people

Your therapist will facilitate each relationship session via video call for 65 minutes. Sliding scale fees also based on your combined income.

We are a fully telehealth practice

Which means we are available anywhere
No matter where you are, we are here for you.

Telehealth became a part of our everyday lives in 2020 and now, through the use of video and telephone sessions, real support is more widely available than ever before. 

  • Comfort– By speaking to a professional from the safety and comfort of your own home you can process the important issues in your life without having to sit in traffic or travel to an office you’ve never seen before.
  • Flexibility– No need to leave work early, online support is available after-hours and anytime that fits in your schedule.
  • Lower cost– It generally costs less than in-person therapy due to the fewer overhead costs to the therapist.
  • COVID-19 safe-Online support is 100% covid-19 compliant. There will never be a last minute cancellation due to a change in COVID-19 restrictions. 

Sliding Scale Fees

Rates based on your income/ combined income
As a full-fee paying clinic our rates are based on a sliding scale in relation to your income. If you have a concession card, or know that you’d be unable to afford counselling without the concession rate, please reach out via email to discuss concession rates. *Please note all concession slots are full at this time.

($ of combined income)
(50 min)
Two attendees 
(60 min)
Three or more attendees
(75 min)
Tier 1
Less than < $75k 
 $160  $195  $265
Tier 2
Between $75k - $140k
 $180  $235  $295
Tier 3
Between $140k - $300k
 $210  $295  $335
Tier 4
More than > $300k
 $260  $465  $615

Meg Wilson MArTh

Founder and Clinical Counsellor

Meg is the founder and head counsellor for Unison. She believes strongly in the use of education to shift public perceptions regarding sexuality, self-expression and mental health. She has an extremely wide range of experiences and training and always seeks to adapt to best fit the needs of her clients. She is particularly interested in how cultural backgrounds shape our understanding of the world and always seeks to respect and understand the cultural significance as it applies to a person’s worldview. 

Meg is trained and/or certified in art psychotherapy, DBT, mindfulness, and emotion-focused therapy. She writes and teaches workshops on the spectrum of relationships. To subscribe for a list of upcoming events, please use the form below.



Melbourne, Australia

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We acknowledge that Unison Counselling exists on land stolen from the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Alliance. We support a treaty and reconciliation between the traditional custodians of the land and colonizers, and pay our respect to elders past, present, and emerging.

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