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My partner and I have been together since June 2021. She typically spends half her free time with me and half with her wife – I have become good friends with my meta. We have periodic “group” days where we all hang out. Normally it’s great – but I’m really upset about my partner’s holiday plans.

My partner’s parents will spend 3 weeks with partner/meta and then meta also has family coming in who will stay 2 weeks. I am not supposed to see them during this time. That’s FIVE weeks without my partner because my meta doesn’t want the family to know they’re poly. Her parents are already not accepting of their relationship (FF) so I get her not wanting to add any extra stress to that. I’m so upset. This is all happening around me and there’s nothing I can do about it.. I don’t get to have any say. My partner and meta just decided all of this and told me. I feel so many things (none of them good). I’m sad that I’m basically just being hidden and ignored in this. I feel like my partner owes our relationship (and me!) more respect than this.

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