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A few other ways to learn more and get support

At Unison, we strongly advocate for and believe in education around sex positivity and non-traditional gender identities, sexualities, and relationships. Whether Unison is right for your life or not, we invite you to explore these trusted resources. 

All resources have been vetted prior to being added to our list, but as things change and progress in the world around us, changes may be needed. If you have any suggestions for additional resources or concerns about what you see here, please reach out to us at

Unison is always interested in collaborating with like-minded businesses and individuals who are working to change the mental health landscape for the better. We’d love to hear from you!

How to explore ethical non-monogamy

A guide for a safe journey

Poly Friendly Professionals

Directory of poly friendly health professionals

Transgender Counselling

Transgender and diversity counselling

Curious Creatures

Curious Creatures: Towards a world that is sex-positive, more inclusive, and safer.

The Scarlet Alliance

Advocacy and support for the sex worker community

Knot Bound

To provide support services and promote respect, tolerance and social inclusion for people who identify within the BDSM lifestyle and sexuality

ENM publications- Dr. Heath Schechinger

Academic papers

Ethical non-monogamy – an introduction

There are many ways to relate both openly and with integrity. Is ethical non-monogamy for you?

Spectra Counselling

Counselling for nonconformists

Victoria Inclusive practitioners